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Welcome to the knowledge dump.

My homemade 3d_printer

How to configure Ubuntu_pxe_autoinstall

Build a kernel for an arm Chromebook

Set up modern secure self signed ssl (2014ish style)

A phone holder for n64 and xbox controllers using the memory card slot N64phoneholder

A wooden paddle boat Paddle_boat

My collection of 3d models 3d_models

Fixing a Little_tikes_lawnmower with 3d printing

Attempts at making a robot arm

Working on a DIY smart Watch

I wrote a book (Technically)! 3d_printed_numbers_book

Recycling old filament with a Filament_grinder and Filament_extruder

Electromechanical single button game Skate_arcade_game

High/Low safety cutoff Battery_controller

List of ideas Ideas