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Concept of what the screen could look like:

IMG 20170809 115048.jpg

Some measurements of the components

IMG 20170818 124358.jpg

IMG 20170818 124127.jpg

Made little shells to figure out dimensions for each component

Tmp 22732-IMG 20170823 231344144915340.jpg

Stacked up the shells and arranged into a single box

Tmp 22732-IMG 20170824 000726-1572117712.jpg

Dummy battery, but all parts seem to fit. The battery connector for the charge circuit will probably be removed.

Tmp 22732-IMG 20170824 001233737643503.jpg

It is a little big on the wrist. Should have used a smaller battery I guess.

Tmp 22732-IMG 20170824 001330-2087775920.jpg

Currently having problems with knockoff nanos talking to both the i2c screen and the accellerometer. nano appears to have some dead pins. No longer talks over usb. The programming header works fine so maybe I'll use it for the robot arm or something.

New nano with project on a breadboard again

Tmp 22090-IMG 20171001 135730-214022237.jpg

The battery controller leaves the 5v output live when the battery is depleted. I measured it at 2.5 volts while still powering a frozen nano and active oled screen. The 3.3 volt output measured at one one hundredth of a volt so it seems it was switched off by the low battery. that makes this chip unsuitable for making usb battery packs.

3.3v does not activate the oled, but it will continue to run displaying one character at least down to 2.5v.

2 out of the 3 oled screens from ebay have broken so far. The front glass is very sensitive to pressure.