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My latest weekend speed build project: A bartop arcade game named "skate".


Player must jump over obsticals to maintain speed. Speed increases as long as on ground level. Speed resets when hitting a wall



  • electromechanical game display with watercolor background art
  • cdrom laser sled y axis player motion
  • 5.25 floppy stepper rotates drum
  • 200 element int array of ground height values line up with ground art on drum
  • mario style jump, not tony hawk. Jumps start immediatly and end at max or button release.
  • two copper fingers bridged by a staple on the drum for a simple drum zero sensor
  • y zero microswitch on base of y sled
  • doorbell button for jump
  • wooden arcade cabinet made from bed frame slats
  • avr (arduino nano knockoff), l293d, uln2003a chips driving it on custom board
  • 14awg solid copper wire player character


Tmp 21164-IMG 20160321 1948461090486598.jpg Tmp 21164-IMG 20160321 1911521682096267.jpg

  • Main board with l293d, uln2003a, and most of a socket for nano knockoff.

Tmp 21164-IMG 20160321 0810451621621818.jpg

  • working with breadboard brains

Tmp 21164-IMG 20160320 2201171734446171.jpg

  • drum and electronics in cabinet

Tmp 21164-IMG 20160320 1403471429625882.jpg

  • little skateboarder made from 14awg copper

Tmp 21164-IMG 20160320 093646-1545812427.jpg

  • drum made from lysol wipes bottle

Tmp 21164-IMG 20160319 120527-831053562.jpg

  • cabinet taking shape

Tmp 21164-IMG 20160321 085530-847591626.jpg

  • original doodles