Robot arm

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printing an EEZYbotARM

Using this firmware

Overextruding in the first plate of parts caused a big skip, but I reset it and lowered the extrusion and it finished well enough.

IMG 20170420 081327.jpg

Seems to work

IMG 20170420 184200.jpg

The parts were pressed to fit on the servo motor arm with a mug of hot water to soften the pla. I took a video of it and need to make a gif.

Plate 2 is printing with the extrusion setting and temperature that plate 1 ran overnight successfully with (606s/mm and 195*C).

The nuts and bolts I was trying to use did not work very well. I found a bunch of screws for plastic cases that worked well.

Tmp 9504-IMG 20170422 204937-1679738549.jpg

Controls set up using some 10k pot joysticks from a game controller. Left button is 'record' and right button is 'play'. The interface is klunky, but I think I can modify the firmware I used to smooth out it's mode switching.

Tmp 23476-IMG 20170426 191901-1629198774.jpg


I tried cardboard

IMG 20170417 214902.jpg

Kinda worked

VID 20170418 202525.mp4.thumb.gif


First I tried making a robot arm out of 3d printer scraps

IMG 20170331 205338.jpg

Didn't really work

VID 20170331 213444.mp4.thumb.gif