Little tikes lawnmower

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This is kiddo's "popper". A little tikes lawnmower.

Tmp 17836-IMG 20160624 195321242265688.jpg

It broke one of the ratchet teeth on the rear axle to the popping mechanism.

Tmp 17836-IMG 20160624 195347182225631.jpg

Trial and error eventually did yield a worthy replacement.

Tmp 17836-IMG 20160624 200750-1646863334.jpg

The new tooth in place.

Tmp 17836-IMG 20160624 194449621180479.jpg

Wider view of the whole rear axle.

Tmp 17836-IMG 20160624 1945241043072170.jpg

The wheel was re-secured by drilling a hole in the end of the axle and putting a small piece of wire through it. The wire bites into the wheel securely.