Filament grinder

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diy filament grinder made from a bicycle steering section. Made to process old prints into small enough chunks to be used to make new filament. This machine is intended to feed a filament extruder

Tmp 12294-IMG 20170602 200556-1552072877.jpg


‎filament to be ground up

Tmp 552-IMG 20170602 195116262194524.jpg

filament after one grind

Tmp 552-IMG 20170602 195935-991443678.jpg

filament after second grind

Tmp 552-IMG 20170602 2004261964210382.jpg


Cut off an aluminum headtube and opened the holed from the upper tube into it

IMG 20170526 154615.jpg

Drilled a bunch of holes (more than here...) into the steering fork tube for teeth

IMG 20170526 160133.jpg

You can see the basic idea. Spin and the hole goes around and nibbles bits off

IMG 20170526 160526.jpg

Seems to work

IMG 20170526 173503.jpg