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This is a filament extruder based on a filastruder that will be used to extrude filament to feed my 3d printer. Thus far $0 has been spent. The main pipe is a gas pipe with a slot cnc milled in it. There is a sink faucet filter in the end before the plug with a 1.5mm hole drilled in it. The heater is 3x 3ohm chunks of kanthal for 1ohm total and about 12 amps at 12v. It is powered by a 12v 13a gateway PC power supply and the motor is a 12v dewalt drill.

first try

partial success!

Tmp 12294-IMG 20170604 181131-611562523.jpg

Tmp 12294-IMG 20170604 1757031413816608.jpg

1.72 is dang close to 1.75!

second try

got a lot the time, not constant yet.

Tmp 1703-IMG 20170605 194431-717637931.jpg

Tmp 1703-IMG 20170605 202933-1552072877.jpg

third try

I removed the melt filter and added a thurst bearing and got a few sticks of filament that mostly fit my printer

Tmp 17152-IMG 20170612 181544-392850787.jpg

was able to print a couple layers, but nothing too amazing.

Tmp 17152-IMG 20170612 203530-1314529367.jpg


filastruder core

Tmp 12294-IMG 20170603 173714-717637931.jpg

milling a filastruder

Tmp 12294-IMG 20170603 171045459136981.jpg

Rough idea for temp control schematic with a nano and a ssr.


This should work for a bare bones temp control program

int led = 13;
int offtime=1000;
int ontime=1000;
int reading;
int thresh=50;

void setup(void) {
  pinMode(led, OUTPUT);     
void loop(void) {
  reading = analogRead(THERMISTORPIN);
  Serial.print("Analog reading "); 
  if (reading < thresh) { 
    digitalWrite(led, HIGH);   // turn the LED on (HIGH is the voltage level)
  delay(ontime);               // wait for a second
  digitalWrite(led, LOW);    // turn the LED off by making the voltage LOW