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[X] I believe in getting into hot water; it keeps you clean.

[X] Pants.

[X] Or..............................

[X] ;-)

[X] Breaking Benjamin is my favourite band of 2000s. Breaking Benjamin had so man

[X] Progress today on the galaxy s relay postmarket os port: none

[X] Butts and such, /etc

[X] I built a metric buttload of kernels which was fun

[X] it goes

[X] eat sleep hack repeat

[X] ouch!

[X] idea: scrape cl, find most listed free items, start removal service

[X] well that was a fast was to get banned from cl

[X] Ciao! Carriage returned to home Carriage returned to homeWe make offer for you Carriage returned to home Carriage returned to homeSending your business pr

[X] DOA; functionality MIA

[X] weekend.


[X] endweekend

[X] The point of this 'not trying to impress people but still wanting attenti


[X] shoulder rolls are good hard and slow

[X] rage against the mechanism!