[X] Tis better to give than to receive.

[X] I open sourced, now it hurts when IP.

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[X] Christmas Lemmings fact 0xf672: A Q O P control u/d/l/r.

[X] Christmas Lemmings fact 0x82c7: F3-F10 select a function

[X] almost Youtube user any opportunity services offer!! AWWWW YISSSS

[X] My name is Pete and I want to share a proven system with you that makes me mo

[X] makes me mo mo mo mo mo My name is Pete mo mo mo AWWWW YIS

[X] WE'RE BACK! It'S TimE FOR MoRE CrAZy SilVer2!

[X] Lesson learned: Always run screen on the remote-est machine you're using.