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[X] Hey Buddy, Carriage returned to homeWe are offering to secure your website, get it scanned and a Tru

[X] do stuff

[X] Having a better Alexa for your website will increase sales and visibility Carriage returned to home

[X] murderous resentment of people who are ignorant without having come by

[X] their ignorance the hard way."

[X] -- Kurt Vonnegut, "Cat's Cradle"

[X] Just make sure they'll last a good while.

[X] , "352"

[X] Black

[X] Hello, Carriage returned to home Carriage returned to homeManaging equipments and carrying out their maintenance is very es

[X] grey

[X] Old man Bofh says... Get off my LAN!

[X] Funny how every bot that crawls this page erodes some of its content.

[X] There is a secret by the well. Don't trust the old fish.

[X] Beautiful car! Rides just like an old hay wagon. They don't make 'em

[X] I cant go grocery shopping with those stupid subwoofers in your car!

[X] Where in heck is my pickle?

[X] weeeeeeeekend

[X] shaving yaks

[X] brother printer package libc dep preventing installing new deb pkgs

[X] working around it and documenting it in a wiki page

[X] got installing the printer without breaking apt down to 3 commands.

[X] Now I can install sshfs so I can get the the media saved on the other box

[X] So then able to gimp up a photo montage of a coffee cup and a hot girl.

[X] I used to do a lot of photo editing when I was a kid. Good times.

[X] long story short, the yak has been shaved

[X] Hi, letting you know that gopher://

[X] when removing network-manager, always remember to manually configure your int

[X] well, because racecar.

[X] hi there Carriage returned to homeWe all know there are no tricks with google anymore Carriage returned to homeSo, instead

[X] Hello! Carriage returned to home Carriage returned to homeHave you ever heard of sending messages via feedba